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I am an amateur photographer. I do not claim to be a professional or one that is most knowledgeable about photography. I consider myself an avid hobbyist who enjoys learning about photography. I am also a webmaster who likes building websites in my spare time and what better topic to write a website about than one of my favorite pastimes. This website not only endeavors to share information about what I have learned about photography but it is also a way for me to learn more about photography as I document my newfound knowledge about the art of digital photography.

Website Creation

I had initially thought about building a photography instruction website early 2011 but I only started building the website on December 2011. Little by little I thought up a plan on how to organize my content so it would be easy for beginners to navigate and understand the lessons. I labored through many months creating articles and taking photos to use on the website. Finally, the first version of www.nobadfoto.com website was launched on April 2012.

What is the purpose of this website?

When I purchased my first DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, the Nikon D40, I spent many months scouring the internet about any information I could find about how to use the camera functions that was unfamiliar to me. What it is all about and why it was there. I spent many hours reading up on composition rules and techniques and then took a basic photography class. What I found out in the class was that almost all of the information taught in the class was information that I already knew from many hours of reading on the internet. What I am trying to say is that you do not need to enroll yourself in a basic photography class. I believe that the money is better spent on taking an advanced photography class. This website will make an effort to spare you the unneeded cost of paying for a basic class. However, I do not intend to stop there. I will also continue to offer advanced concepts and techniques.

Who is this website is for?

With the advent of the digital age and the affordability of digital SLR cameras, more and more people are buying entry level DSLR cameras but a lot of these owners of digital SLR cameras do not use the full power of the camera. Most still use the automatic settings and never bother to learn or don't know the full capabilities of their camera. This website is aimed at teaching people who are interested in learning the full potential of their Digital SLR camera. Although you can follow along the articles on this website with a "point and shoot" camera, there are some advanced camera features that are only available on DSLR cameras. I highly recommend that you get a DSLR camera to take full advantage of what this website has to offer.