Photography Projects: Project 365 & 52 Week Project

Daily Photography Blog - May 6, 2012

May 6, 2012

Project 365

While surfing the internet and reading up on photography, I came accross an article last year about "Project 365" and I thought, “What a great idea!” The idea is fairly simple, take a photo or several photos each day for 365 days. This allows you to learn something new each day! This process also allows you to look back and recall what you learned and how far you had progressed throughout the course of the year.

Why woult you want to try Project 365?

Project 365 is a good way of learning photography and also learning and understanding your camera. It will force you to take a photo on a daily basis and it will allow you to practice good composition techniques. To maximize your learning experience, plan to take notes and comments on each photo that you take. Document it so you can learn from your mistakes as well as get satisfaction from your successes. It will be a challenge for sure but the rewards is well worth the effort.

How to start a Project 365 and how to keep it going

Here's a couple of tips I read about regarding how to accomplish this project:

  1. Always have your camera with you. This may be a challenge if you work at an office and you're not sure if bringing a camera at the office would be appropriate.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. You'll never know when an inspiration comes up for a good photo. Again, this will be a challenge because moments of inspiration may come up during inappropriate times like when you're at the office for example.
  3. Don't be afraid to experiment. Experimentation is one of the best ways to discover and learn from mistakes.
  4. Think about a weekly theme. It will provide you a much needed structure and order for this project. See our Weekly Theme Suggestions below.
  5. Plan ahead and document ideas. Be prepared as much as possible. This cannot always be the case but it is always a good idea to have a plan and have it ahead of time rather than having it at the spur of the moment.
  6. Take notes of everything. Adding a notebook and a pen inside your camera bag is a good idea.
  7. Have fun! After all, if it's not fun then what's the point of all this? Right?

So, if this idea inspires you to tackle "Project 365", then more power to you and good luck! I will provide you with an avenue for posting your photos for your own Project 365. Register in our forums and post your photos at:

  • To Register for an account: Register here
  • To upload photos for Project 365, please register first and then post your photos in this forum:
    Project 365 forum

52 Week Project

If Project 365 is out of your reach because you are unable to commit to it there is another variation called 52 Week Project. Instead of taking a photo a day, you take photos on a weekly basis for 52 weeks. All other guidelines are the same as Project 365. If you want to try 52 Week Project, I also provide a place for you to post your photos. You need to register to the forum and post your photos to the appropriate forum.

  • To Register for an account: Register here
  • To upload photos for 52 Week Project, please register first and then post your photos in this forum:
    52 Week Project

Weekly Theme Suggestions

If you are interested in taking on either the 52 Week Project or Project 365, I have the perfect weekly theme you can use which incidentally coincides with the free step by step photography courses that I provided on the website. I will add more weekly themes as I complete more free online courses.

  • Week #1: Depth of Field. Use Aperture Priority Mode setting on your camera and take photos that focuses on depth of field. For more information, see Aperture & Depth of Field lesson.
  • Week #2: Action Photography. Use Shutter Priority Mode setting on your camera and take photos that focuses on action or motion. Freeze your subject or convey motion in your photos. For more information, see Shutter Speed & Motion lesson.
  • Week #3: ISO Settings. Use Program Mode or Manual Mode setting on your camera, pay close attention to your lighting conditions and select the appropriate ISO setting. Take photos at dawn, mid morning, noon, mid afternoon, dusk and at night both indoors and out. For more information, see ISO & Digital Noise lesson.
  • Week #4: Manual Mode. Go Manual Mode on your camera setting and take photos that focuses on correct exposure. For more information, see Manual Mode to control Exposure lesson.
  • Week #5: Basic Photo Composition. Take photos by following the 3 Guidelines for Photo Composition lesson.
  • Week #6: Dominant Subject Rule of Composition. Take photos by following the Dominant Subject Rule of Compsition.
  • Week #7: Composition Rule of Thirds. Take photos by following the Rule of Thirds.
  • Week #8: Focus on your subject using shallow Depth of Field. Take photos by following the Focus on your main subject, literally! lesson.
  • Week #9: Composition Rule - Framing. Take photos by following the Frame your subject lesson.
  • Week #10: Use Contrast in your Composition. Take photos by following the Use Contrast to emphasize your Subject lesson.